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Psychotherapy and Psychedelic Integration


Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)

I believe that we all have the wisdom within to guide us through difficulties in life and to our most authentic self. Unfortunately these innate tools get over shadowed by trauma, poor role-modeling from caregivers, oppressive societal/cultural norms and pressures, and other experiences. Most of us are living in state of disconnection from our true self. KAP can serve as a catalyst for a deeper understanding of the self that will facilitate lasting and profound changes in mental wellbeing.

Ketamine works in the brain by turning on neural pathways and activity that may have been shut down by chronic stress, anxiety, depression and trauma. It helps to repair and rebuild these neural pathways and gives you the opportunity to develop new ones. On a psychological and spiritual level KAP allows for a heart and mind opening experience with lowered defenses promoting  and allowing for new ways of seeing yourself, your purpose in life, and your relationships with others. 

The process of Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy begins with an intake session with myself and a psychiatrist who will prescribe Ketamine in losenge form if KAP is determined to be right for you. After the initial intake session, KAP consists of a series of 1-3 Preparation/Intention setting sessions, 1 KAP session (where Ketamine will be taken), followed by 1 or more Integration sessions. This is usually done over the course of several weeks. Preparation, KAP, and Integration sessions are then repeated as desired. We will collaboratively work to create a treatment plan customized specifically for you based on your individual needs and intentions.  The combination of the medicine, therapeutic support and access to the subconscious mind, allows for significant growth and healing. Most people find that several KAP sessions are needed to get the most from it.

Feel free to email me for more details regarding getting started with KAP.

Psychedelic Integration Sessions

The use of psychedelics can be a powerful experience worthy of exploration with a trained therapist. I will work with you to understand the insights and downloads received through your independent experiences with plant medicine.


Intention Setting and Integration sessions are 50 min in length and $300. KAP dosing sessions are 3 hours and $900.




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