Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

For some, therapy is a long term (6 months or more) endeavor that unfolds over time as you encounter various changes and challenges in your life. In longer term Psychodynamic therapy the therapeutic relationship plays a larger, more transformative role as you deal with underlying causes of suffering. Please see about therapy for more on my approach to longer term psychodynamic therapy.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Therapy can be short term, long term or anywhere in between. Short term therapy is generally 12 sessions or less. Many people enter short term therapy during a time of transition or situational stress. For short term work, I use Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) framework. CBT is an evidenced based form of psychotherapy that can provide fast, effective relief from symptoms when used in a structured way. CBT focuses on the here and now, looking at current ways of thinking and how these thoughts affect our mood and behaviors. I am experienced in conducting CBT for Depression, CBT for anxiety, CBT for Anger Management and general CBT. This form of therapy will include homework of reading and assignments between sessions.

Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy

Behavioral Coaching

Behavioral coaching

Behavioral coaching

Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy incorporates psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral principals with mindfulness practices to form a balance of insight and acceptance. Mindfulness skills can help one access and learn to tolerate distressing emotions.

Behavioral coaching is a method of treatment where goals and  obstacles to reaching goals are identified. Working together we can discover what is  getting in your way. Common behaviors are avoidance, perfectionism and  emotional reactivity.